The First Time I Spoke About My 15 Minute Journey…

In public, was today.

I’ve spoken to individuals about my idea for 15 minutes of change.

I’ve written about it over the past two years, but today was the first day I presented it to an audience.

The audience was my Toastmasters group.

One of my themes for the year is to improve my public speaking.

To achieve that goal, I’ve been attending a weekly Toastmasters meeting.

Click here for the text of my first speech, called “The Quitter.”

Today, I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs and fellow Toastmasters about how I’ve created more time in my life with my 15 Minutes of Change approach.

I think it went pretty well, but I’d like your thoughts as well.

Here’s the video.

Tell me what you think in the comments and feel free to repost and share with anyone who might find this useful.


15 Minutes of Change

We all have goals. Things we want to change in our lives. But we have lives that are filled with day to day tasks and responsibilities. We think about all the projects we want to complete and the improvements we want to make, yet we never seem to get around to doing anything.

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  • Ann Roche

    Great introduction of 15 minutes of change! Makes me want to get started again on my exercise goals. I’ll keep you posted.

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