Getting Started

I know when you land on a new site, it can be hard to figure out where to start.  I put together a list of previous posts that give the background on the idea for  My goal is to give you more information about me, my idea, and how it might help you.

The first place to go is my About page.  Here you’ll find the overview of my idea and my site.

Next, in the first post Where I started my 15 Minutes of Change journey, I explain how I got the idea.

After that, check out Rules for the 15 Minutes of Change Experiment where I lay out the guidelines I will be following.

I also wrote a series on Finding Your Purpose in life.  This post sums up the series with links to the all the posts.

Finally, I have a statement on what you can expect from the links on this site.

That’s it.  You can always get back to the home page by clicking here.

Before you go, let me know how you found my site by adding a comment below.

Thanks for your time and for joining me.